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Heaven is a place full of Great Pyrenees puppies!

I never thought it would take so long to write again, but thyroid cancer decided otherwise.  

Despite the low energy level, joint pains, swelling and mood swings (how fun you say? yeah!) I've kept busy.  I spent last winter in Florida and Georgia.  I figured sun and sand would be a better incentive to fight exhaustion and go outside than  snow storms and sub zero  weather.

I  was able to do cut costs by house sitting.  I met great people and pets, and  lodging was free.

Now that I'm back in Montreal, I want to start writing again about everything I discover (and all the great places I've been in the last few months).

And if you have pets and travel, I'm still pet sitting and boarding  dogs and cats. My Pawshake profile page has all the details. You can contact me through the site or  email me directly. I also house sit,  for people going away for a while and want to keep their pets at home instead of boarding them. I have a  bunch of reviews on  Trusted House Sitters. It's a really great site  if you travel a lot, or for a long period of time, and have pets that can't come with you, or if you like taking care of pets and want to cut traveling cost!

 My  Pawshake Profile Page

My Trusted House Sitter Profile  Page

You can also get a daily dose of cuteness by following Lady's  Instagram profile

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11 May 2016

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  1. Bonjour Stéphanie,
    Très sympa ton blog et ttes mes félicitations pour la richesse de tes contenus et photos,mais dis moi, je ne retrouve pas ton adresse e-mail ou contact,merci